Big Barge Dock Systems Inc, commercial, residential, steel, floating, docks, marinas, breakwater
Big Barge Dock Systems Inc, commercial, residential, steel, floating, docks, marinas, breakwater

Thank you for your interest in Big Barge Dock Systems Inc. floating steel marine products.

No matter how big or how small your project is,
the choice of a dock or marina construction company is critical in the process of protecting your investment dollars. Big Barge Dock Systems Inc. has established itself as a reputable and innovative leader in the industry.  We’ve earned this reputation because our systems are specifically designed to meet the functional needs of each client, and for each unique project site we undertake.

Twin Anchors Sicamous dock in use.Beyond our experienced design and construction group, we have teamed with professionals to ensure our clients get a structure that will last them possibly their entire life time, with minimal to no maintenance expenses for many, many years.

After a few storms, heavy boat wave action, seasons of water level fluctuation and winter icing, the worth of a structures design and construction quality becomes all too obvious. Big Barge Dock System’s unique steel pipe substructure design is unparalleled in strength, stability, and durability in dissipating wave energy and surviving the seasonal changes. The solid steel substructure means no torque or twisting action occurs on the decking materials giving them extended life expectancy ratings. When compared to life-cycle costs of other products, Big Barge Dock Systems floating steel structures are the most cost-effective systems on the market today.

  • The floating system means environmental disruption concerns are minimized greatly.
  • Our floating systems ensure docks stay at a consistent level to your watercraft as lake levels change. This greatly enhances usage and safety factors for both residential use and commercial operations.
  • Our structural designs easily allow for future expansion.
  • The floating dock system eliminates the need for a separate and costly breakwater or wave attenuator system.
  • The outer docks that act as a breakwater are multi-purposed and can be used for moorage, public access, fishing, sunbathing, and water activities. They often offer additional revenue sources for the client because of their versatility.
  • The chamber between the steel substructure and decking keeps utilities (ie. water, electrical) safely enclosed in their conduit and allows for easy installation and access for routine inspections and maintenance. Our floating system also ensures these utilities are always safely above the lake’s water level.
  • Marine systems qualified by professionals and built by a company known for its quality workmanship can mean substantial savings on insurance premiums for the client over the many years.
  • Working closely with government regulating agencies our experienced staff can provide efficient and timely government application process services, eliminating the confusion and project delay risks.
  • Big Barge Dock Systems has carefully developed phasing guidelines and procedures to ensure all considerations in the preconstruction, construction, and installation process are fully addressed eliminating the risk of errors or omissions. Click HERE to download our Information PDF.

Twin Anchors Houseboat Vacations

"Everyday we have 20 houseboats with up to 300 people unloading and the same number of people arriving and loading - plus all of our own staff. It's controlled chaos! Since we installed Big Barge steel docks, we have increased our turnover efficiency by at least 25% because the new docks are wider, more rigid and stable and there's no joint variation, so our ATVs and trailers can easily move back and forth." Todd Kyllo, President

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